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Are you interested in spending a semester at one of our partner universities?


By going on exchange you will gain international experience, give your education a unique profile and in this way better qualify yourself for the most interesting jobs.

Are you interested in applying? Please follow these steps:

1. Find universities of interest

Available spots third application round

• Note that each agreement is signed within a specific academic level and subject area
• Check your programme syllabus to find out what courses you are requested to take during your exchange semester.
• Check the course offer for each university of interest. A link can be found in each Facts table
• For questions related to having your course selection approved contact your study counsellor. Note that a formal approval of courses will be given after you have been accepted by the partner university.

2. Apply Online

Three application rounds:

FIRST ROUND: 10 December - 1 February (23:59)
For the upcoming autumn and/or spring semester
SECOND ROUND: 18 March - 22 March (23:59) (for spots that were not allocated in the first round)
For the upcoming autumn and/or spring semester
THIRD ROUND: 5 September - 15 September (23:59)
For the upcoming spring semester

For more details about dates and deadlines, please click here

• Apply for a maximum of six universities in the online application
Two additional universities my be added by hand on the printed version of your application
• After submitting your application, it can't be changed
• The following documents should be uploaded
• After completing the Online Application, you will receive a pdf. Remember to print this and submit it to the International Office, including all the attachments.

Regarding Proof of English Proficiency
Many of our partner schools are being forced to set stricter requirements regarding proof of English proficiency. As a result, students may be expected to show evidence of having completed a standardized English test. For specific requirements pertaining to the partner school(s) that interest you, please refer to the respective partner’s information.
If a test is required, this should preferably be taken before applying for an exchange spot. If you are unable to take the test before applying; you may opt for taking a test after being assigned an exchange spot.

Read more about the IELTS and TOEFL test.

For more details about the selection process, please click here

3. Did I get a spot?

The allocation of spots will be presented 1 March (First application round). All applicants will receive an email with an offer - to accept your offered spot, follow the instructions provided in the email (If you don't accept, the offered spot will be withdrawn and you will not be considered).

4. Nomination

After all students have accepted their spots, the International Office will contact our partner universities and provide them with the names of the selected students.

5. Confirmation from the partner university

• You will receive information directly from the host university, by email
• Do not contact them before they have taken this first initial contact, as this can cause confusion
• Follow instructions carefully. This is your responsability and in your own interest.

6. Course approval

• Have your course selection approved by your study counsellor, prior to registering for courses at the partner university. Contacts details for study counsellors can be found here.
NOTE! for some programmes, a Course approval is mandatory, sometimes even before you apply for an exchange semester, read more here.
• Students travelling through an Erasmus agreement: submit your Learning Agreement (where your chosen courses are listed) to the International Office.
• Questions about Learning Agreement? Contact Sara Fallegård

7. Letter of Acceptance

The partner university will send you an Official Letter of Acceptance; this is your proof that you have been admitted and needed to apply for a visa. Apply through the country's embassy; don't start the procedure before you have a Letter of Acceptance.

8. Scholarships

Students travelling through an Erasmus agreement are entitled to an Erasmus Scholarship, but there are also other types of scholarships available. See the University of Gothenburg's information about Scholarships. You can also apply for the School of Business, Economics and Law Travel Scholarship. More information will be given to you after you have been assigned an exchange spot.



Third application round, Academic year 201920

The International Office has now finished the allocation process, please find the results here.

Application for exchange studies, academic year 2019/20

The International Office has now finished the allocation process, please find the results here.

Information Session and Mingle 8 May 2019

Did you miss the session? Find the presentation here. 


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